some of my thoughts and notes

Love 5

Something has changed since I came back “home” to Germany.

It's a bit hard to put my finger on it but if I had to make a quick guess I'd say that my awareness has increased and I feel a bit like I'm in love with everyone around me.

I also feel like just now I begin to understand what a great thing we started.

I asked my grandparents today how their 50 years of marriage have been. Their answer: stressful.

When I asked if it was better in the beginning, they said: hell no. In the beginning they had to clarify the battlefronts.

When I asked them if, retrospectively, they think they might have ended up happier with other partners, my grandmother had tears in her eyes. She being the oldest of her sisters, forced to take a lot of responsibility at an early age, and my grandfather being the youngest child of his family, might not have made for the greatest combination.

I felt sorry for asking the question but also good for prioritizing my curiosity and learning from it.

Funny enough, the first question they had asked me after greeting me had been: They heard that I married and wondered where my ring was.

I explained that we had decided to get the rings as tattoos.

But I also thought that considering inflation rates and stability of gold values, nice rings could actually be a good investment.