some of my thoughts and notes


Sleep is currently my preferred escape from reality, it's almost like a simple form of meditation.

Today I got woken up early by one of the guys working at the hostel.

I had agreed to join his girlfriend's yoga class and it was 8:45, only 15 minutes to go.

The yoga class itself was great and quite personal as only two other women who are staying at the hostel participated.

What annoyed me was that a friend of the guy who works at the hostel kept circling our small group all the time while filming us with his phone. None of the women seemed to be disturbed, but I couldn't bear it any longer.

He apologized and said he didn't ask for permission because he didn't want to disturb us.

Afterwards I just wanted to go back into the state of formlessness again, where this guy didn't exist, where I wasn't separate from the people I love, where I didn't even exist.

The only problem is that after enough time, forms appear automatically, and dreams mess up this beautiful nothingness.

The interesting thing, however, was that in the very moment I decided to get up and turn my phone around and look at it, more than for hours after the yoga class, right in the moment Sathvik was calling me.

And it was a beautiful conversation which again added a very important perspective.