some of my thoughts and notes


After a day of eating heavy food from a hotel buffet and from an airline I was pretty full. Still, I couldn't resist trying Idli at the airport.

When I had the food in front of me I felt like I didn't even want to eat a bit but I still ended up eating half of it before jumping into the bus.

In the bus I didn't feel very well and at the hostel neither. Almost five hours after eating the last bit I couldn't help myself but throw up everything.

Only in the evening I had some coconut milk and then some cucumber and watermelon.

The next morning I also had some cucumber and watermelon, and some coconut, and combined with an extended walk through town, this felt really good.

I don't need much food, but I need movement, both in my stomach and in my legs. Stagnation makes me feel sick, physically and mentally. No matter how good it feels to be just sleeping, there's nothing as good as alternating between movement and sleep.