some of my thoughts and notes

Transformation Blend

I'm trying to recreate a new version of the transformation blend that you were using. As I remember it, it consisted mostly of Lime and Peppermint. I made three subtle changes to it:

I used some resin from the Styrax Benzoin tree to mix with the Lime Oil and make it evaporate more slowly. I mixed only one drop of Peppermint on eight drops of Lime to work out the base first. Peppermint can be added easily but not taken away.

To round off the Lime I mixed in one drop of Bitter Orange. To sneak in a subtle grounding element (and a very, very subtle mushroom note alongside that) I mixed in a bit of Patchouli. To round this off again and blend it nicely with the Citrus, I added a drop of Jasmine Auriculatum.

All together, this feels like a blend you could find in a Sauna, lifting up the spirit, clearing the lungs, reminding of a fresh forest air with some hint of the forest floor and the woods.

Analog to lying down on the forest floor and focusing on the earthy, mossy facets alone, I also mixed a Fougère Blend which basically only consists of a base of Oakmoss and Patchouli.

And I also have on older Lime-Peppermint-Patchouli blend where the Peppermint is more dominant and I like it a lot, so eventually I will also add more Peppermint to the current one, but not before I figured out the base.