Save Money on Plagiarism Checks with Copyscape's Free Comparison Tool

If you’re a writer, you probably use Copyscape, or another plagiarism checker, to check your articles for duplicate content. But did you know that if you know your article’s only similar to one article on the Web, you can save money on plagiarism checks by using Copyscape’s free Comparison Tool? I’ll explain how in this short post.

  1. Go to Copyscape’s website.

When you get there you’ll see the options at the top. Hover on the “Products” menu and choose “Free Comparison Tool”

  1. Enter a URL or paste text for item 1, and do the same for item 2

  1. Click “Compare Items”

The next screen that comes back will show you how much of your text is similar to the text on the web page you put in the second box. Here’s an example of what you might see:

The words that are the same on both the website and your document are highlighted in blue. You can then use this information to make changes so your copy passes Copyscape or any of the other more finicky plagiarism checkers out there.

If you know your content is only going to match content from one site on the Internet, this is a great way to save money on Copyscape checks. Be careful though; you can only use it a few times every day – after that, you have to use the paid Copyscape search or a different plagiarism checking tool.