A collection of essays discussing the various aspects of self-mastery, focus, and healing.

The Natural Laws of Balance

My content evolves as I do. That’s the way it’s been the whole time and apparently that is still the running trend. So now my content evolves once again because apparently I need to evolve one more time. Go figure!

For the last few years I’ve been talking about self-mastery. It was all about how to get okay with the pain, how to manage ourselves in the experience we’re in, and essentially just learn to be okay where we are.

I wrote a lot about that topic and I learned a lot about that topic, while not only writing about it, but also living it. As the saying goes, I’ve been there and done that.

So here’s the deal. I learn through writing and that means that I need to talk about balance, specifically the natural laws of balance and divine order that are at play in our world as we speak. It’s the new thing I need to learn about, so I’m going to take you with me as I write and learn about it for myself.

This, I already know, is not going to be easy necessarily. I’m probably going to piss you off. It’s going to challenge how we see the world around us in a big way. It’s going to require us to drop the fight with how we think things should be by learning to leave things the way they are. I touched on this stuff with my work on self-mastery but we’re going to expand on it even further now.

In spiritual circles we talk about the “New Earth”. Eckhart Tolle has a whole book on it. We think it means leveling up to a fifth dimensional state of being. We have human ideas around what that will look like. For most of us we seem to think it means things like wage equality, abortion rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights. We think it’s about removing the things we’ve labeled as being hateful, wrong, or bad. I have a new interpretation of this idea that I want to share with you.

The fifth dimension is not about removing hate. It’s about getting okay with it.

I know. I know. That one hurts. I get it. The idea is relatively simple, although probably not particularly easy to accept.

The world functions on the laws of balance or divine order. We also like to call it karma. Divine order allows for all things to exist equally including love, hate, peace, violence and war, equality, inequality, right, wrong, good, bad, poverty, wealth, wanted and unwanted.

If we were to put all those things on a time line, we would see that there are varying degrees of all those things in existence on our planet. It’s actually a spectrum of experience and emotion. Think of that line as a teeter totter or a scale, with the extremes of experience at either end. A properly balanced teeter totter or scale would sit completely level on the fulcrum in the center of itself. That image of a completely balanced and level teeter totter is the divine order that the Universe wants to create for itself. That is the fifth dimensional space.

There is one major thing in the way of being able to create that balance – human intervention.

I’m going to speak in very general terms about the world as a whole. I’m not here to argue right and wrong. I’m not here to argue about the morality of the things that exist in our world. As I’ve been saying for some time, the experience just is. It’s neutral. That means it is not subject to human constructs like morality and judgement of right and wrong. Experience simply exists as a manifestation of the divine laws of order and balance.

The full spectrum of experience needs to be allowed to continue to exist exactly as it is without human intervention for Universal balance to be created. If we try to remove one side of the line or spectrum of experience we create an immediate imbalance that the Universe will then begin correcting. We can’t have a one-sided scale or teeter totter. Balance requires us to maintain both sides evenly all the time.

In order to have peace on the timeline we need to keep hate around. In order to have wealth on the timeline we need to keep poverty around. If we do away with one, then in order to keep the scale balanced we also have to do away with its opposite. The gray area would continue to exist. The gray area would simply become the new extreme over time.

Here’s one of the more difficult pieces of this idea – humans use the extremes as a means of evolving. If we were to shrink the spectrum of experience, we’d just create new extremes out of the remaining experiences. The things that don’t seem so bad right now would become the new extremes. We’d end up in the same place at some point in the future, trying to get rid of the new extremes of experience we’ve created for ourselves.

To create balance we have to drop the fight. We think we need to protect people. We think we need to save people. We have a high degree of judgment around what right and wrong or moral and immoral are or look like. We’re having a really hard time dropping that fight, but that’s actually what we need to do.

The fight creates the imbalance. The fight messes with the teeter totter. Suddenly the teeter totter is flying violently from side to side. What happens to a teeter totter if it slams into the ground hard enough too many times? It breaks.

Guess what happens to whatever artificial balance we think we’re creating when we toss that teeter totter around all the time? It gets destroyed.

Humans are not responsible for Universal balance. Humans aren’t responsible for the laws of karma or divine order. Humans are only responsible for their own individual behavior, thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Our job is not police each other or create some sort of artificial balance through laws, politics, and money. Our job is not to determine which experiences are allowed to stick around and which aren’t.

Our job is very simply to get okay with things as they are without needing to change anything at all. That means not making laws that make people do things they don’t to do. That means not forcing people to believe things they don’t believe.

At the very granular level, it means not making the business owner serve customers they don’t want to serve whether it’s because they are part of the LGBTQIA+ community or because they don’t speak English. It means not closing the abortion clinic because you don’t agree with abortion. It means not attacking other countries because we don’t like their leaders. It means not trying to stop existing wars. It means not trying to prevent violence. It means not stopping crime. It means allowing everything to exist equally and neutrally. It means dropping the fight against all the things we don’t like, regardless of which side of the political spectrum or fence you happen to be on.

When we make business owners go against their beliefs that tips the teeter totter in one direction. The laws of balance mean it will eventually go back the other way – now an abortion clinic closes. That’s balance. It’s not balance we like necessarily, but it is balance. Remember, we have to keep the teeter totter even, so if we swing the teeter totter by making the business do something, then it has to swing back the other way by taking away something from somebody else.

We don’t connect those experiences that way. We don’t interpret our experience that way. But truthfully, that’s all that’s happening. It’s just the natural laws of balance playing out.

If we didn’t force the business owner to serve people they don’t want to serve then we’d still have the abortion clinic. There would be no tit for tat. There would be no need to re-balance the teeter totter. Trying to fix one perceived problem created another perceived problem in order to maintain balance.

Part of the reason why we don’t see it like that is because of the passage of time. Too much time between experiences means we don’t connect them together anymore. The thing that happened when you were 5 is now affecting something that’s happening when you’re 45. You don’t connect the experiences because there is too much passage of time. Well, the same thing happens in politics. Unless the re-balance is more immediate, we tend to miss the connections between experiences.

Are you defending the fight yet?

The way the fight gets defended is usually by bringing up the individual issues in the world around us and stating all of the reasons why we need to fight those fights. Because I no longer believe in the fight as a whole, individual beliefs aside, I’m accused of spiritually bypassing the issues, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

I am making a conscious choice to no longer engage in the fight to balance anything. I won’t fight to balance my own life anymore than I’m going to fight to balance larger political issues. I refuse to engage in the argument further because I no longer see it as a viable method of solving the problems that clearly exist in our world today.

The sides as they have been set up will destroy each other. The division will grow until eventually the systems just fall apart. While I will end up sitting back to watch that take place, I will not pick a side from which to encourage it to happen.

Do I have personal political viewpoints in how I wish the world to look? Sure. I don’t need to convince anybody of those. I don’t need to make anybody see it my way. I don’t need to elect some politician to make the world look the way I think it should look. I’m quite happy to allow the world to simply be as it is without my intervention.

That is the way I believe we all need to go and that is the balance that I am encouraging people to take on. I also believe that it would prevent the systems from crumbling, however I don’t actually believe that we will be preventing any of that chaos from happening. We’re heading full steam ahead for a crash into a giant wall and nobody seems to care because they are too busy arguing about the rightness of their opinions.

While I may not be able to convince anybody of anything and I’m not interested in engaging an argument about it, I can choose to talk about it freely for those that are interested in taking it on for themselves.

So there we are. If you are wanting to find your own lane in this world and you’re not interested in the ones that are generally offered by society at large, I encourage you to follow me along for more.

Love to all.