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100 Days To Read

After trying #100DaysToOffload, a challenge that wasn't suited to me. I'm not a fan of regularly blog-posting and I struggle with working out what to write.
I came across a toot from Amolith who offered a different challenge, one that I think will suit me more.

In comes #100DaystoRead.

The list of books I have half-read is long. Stopped for many reasons, often my interest in the topic wanes after waiting for a book to come into stock and then getting round to reading it.
Books I have bought and not-started is, thankfully, short.

This is one I bought a while ago and haven't gone near. It sat in my work-bag for weeks before being removed and placed on the shelf. City of Bohane by Kevin Barry. ISBN – 9780099549154.

I think that'll be a good place to start.

After that book, I'm going to see if my taste in TV matches my taste in books.
Nordic Noir (The Bridge), Cop Drama (Bosch) and some Sci-Fi (Expanse) are what I enjoy regularly. With any luck they'll be as enjoyable on paper as they are on screen.