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2021 was

A mixed bag. Very little turned out how I had hoped or had planned.

University studies were a total disaster. I struggled enormously with child-rearing and university studies. Essays and assignments were always late and under-researched as very little time was available to me to research and attend classes.

We had the addition of Tiny Child (TC) late in the year, which whilst wonderful, added further pressures on my learning.
Shortly after I had surgery for an inguinal hernia, I was finally given opportunity in a period of low covid and had both vaccinations allowing me to be selected for surgery. Surgery went well and I only now have the smallest ache when I have over-done my day.

In December, I took the decision to pause my studies until the summer. This will inevitably mean I need to retake a year or two but that is fine with me.

TC has been a delight to have, still a few months old and only just starting to babble, it is incredible how different she is compared to SC (Small Child, 2 years old). In general, a much happier creature and one who is quite happy to take a few minutes in the bouncy chair.
SC has reached the very terrible twos, every day feels like a battle and has very little in the way of rest periods. She is a very anxious wee soul, always has been and I fear always will be.

2022 will

bring some large changes. I suspect a lot of things I had no idea were coming. Coronabhioras has totally messed with any and all paths I had invisaged life would take.
Having recently been infected with the virus, it ruined Christmas and Hogmanay for us. Thankfully, no-one was hospitalised and everyone is recovering well now. The fear that the reaper was knocking at the door.was very real and one I would rather not have again, nor wish upon others.

2022 hopes

This year, I am hoping to get back into cycling. I have a bicycle on order, many months of waiting before it arrives. I massively enjoy cycling but waiting for surgery to repair a hernia meant that I had to cycle much less than I wanted and my previous bicycle was warranty repaired and the replacement was very different, so very few parts could be used on the new frame.

I am hoping to teach SC more #GĂ idhlig this year, she is already picking up words, numbers and phrases, which delights me. It is just me teaching her currently and I don't often get chance to use it with other people, so it is a hard slog.

I wish to, virus permitting, visit Orkney and/or Shetland this year. I have never been, they look wonderful and I have only heard good things about them.

This year, I tackle being a stay-at-home da. This decision almost forced upon me by circumstance. I am looking forward to it, no doubt it'll be mad challenging and I have little idea what I am doing BUT that has not stopped me in the past and I think, it seems others agree, that SC is doing well and TC will do the same. Hoping, that being full-time at home means I can rear them even better!