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Book Review (of sorts)

Recently finished Lost Connections by Johann Hari.

After reading Chasing the Scream and it having such a changing effect on my views around drug use and reform I was looking forward to this book.

In short:
I really enjoyed the book, it got better as it got along. It felt as though we (the reader and author) were on the same journey through conversation and discovery.

When the book was initially released, I read the furore online of people who were defending the use of drugs to treat depression and saying the book (which they almost certainly had not read) was trying to diminish the beneficial effects of drugs on their lives. This proves to not be the case in the book at all. The re-connections, which include re-introduction to nature, more meaningful work and a change of value structure, among several others, are additive to and provide a base.

To me, the book proved to be far more interesting and once started I quickly worked my way through it. I think it's left a positive impression in my own life.

Lost Connections

ISBN – 9781408878729
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Chasing the Scream

ISBN – 9781408857823
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