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Camera Trap Pictures

I was fortunate to have recently been given a camera trap by my parents. I made some intonations that there was a variety of wildlife here that often set off the security light outside. However the animals were often gone before I could really see them, so rapid are they at getting to where they want to be.

The camera trap worked very well indeed and has provided some lovely images of the animals that live and visit. I've had pictures of badgers, deer, owl, mice and wildcats.

The Badgers

Badger enters scene right. Eyes glowing with the reflection of the camera's light

Badger walks through centre-frame nose sniffing along the ground

For this photo I turned the camera round and placed some bird seed out

Badger sat down eating some bird seed


Young deer enters scene right, walkin along a path

deer startled by the camera, its fur is lit up by the cameras light


These two photo really excited me when I saw them initially. I have asked Scottish Wildcat Action to take a look to try and verify whether it's a hybrid or a true Scottish Wildcat, which would be incredible.

Wildcat enters from the right, eyes glowing and alert

Wildcat crosses the frame
This photo is what really caught my attention, its fur pattern is relatively clear and the stubbiness of the tail is clear to see. There also appears to be no white markings, which seem to be indicative of hybridisation.

Predator and Prey

A mouses eye glows in the darkness as it eats seeds from the nearby ground feeder

An owl lands on a wooden rail, its wings still open
This picture is really sketchy, I placed the camera too far away from the intended target, a feedbin that was being raided by a creature of the night. Unfortunately I didn't capture who was sneaking in but the owl did come in for a closer look.

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