pertaining to or abounding in birds

Constructing the Greenfrog Designs Chicken House

My father gave me a flat-pack chicken-house as a present for Christmas. It is made of recycled industrial plastics and can house 5 birds.

This is a short build-through of the house in photos.

The house comes in two large, flat-pack boxes
The two Large flat-pack boxes the house came in.

The large box contains the larger walls, roof and floor. The smaller box contains the egg-box and other small pieces.
An assorted collection of pieces that form part of the house, varying shapes and sizes.

Making the door piece was a small challenge as the plastic is fairly wobbly and the fastening required the electric screwdriver and an adjustable spanner to fix together as the fixings use a nylok nut.
The door looks like it could take a chickens head clean off!
The guillotine, sorry, the door is assembled.

The main walls are attached, minus the back wall.
From the back, the walls have been attached and a central brace added to form the roof.

The stands for the chickens are in place. The clips are very useful and make putting the house together really easy.
The two, wooden, sleeping poles for the chickens are held in place by clips.

Most of the building is held together with 'pi clips', which are often easy to fix but sometimes were too tight a fit.
Image showing one of the pi clips being put into the egg-box-roof-panel, which is green and roughly textured.

After stepping away for a cuppa, my daugher found one of her wooden toys and the adjustable spanner and gave them a home in the egg-box. Maybe she thought it is a stable?
The inside of the egg-boxes with a toy, wooden, cow in one and an adjustable wrench in the other.

We moved the house outside to complete it, as it was certainly not going to fit through the front-door once fully assembled. There's a good size to it and it weighs enough for two people to carry it but one would struggle. Again toys make it into view.
An 'exploded' view of the house.

Once completed, we tested the door. Unfortunately, it's a struggle to keep the door open whilst not holding the pull-handle. So we tied it around one of the clips.
The roof is on, it is curved and is clipped into place.

A slightly more expanded set of pictures is here