pertaining to or abounding in birds

Day-tripping Day 1

Family are visiting currently. They've never been to Scotland before, nevermind the Highlands. So we've got a great opportunity to visit the great places nearby.

Loch Ness

We travelled to Loch Ness through Drumnadrochit. Down the River Enrick to the shore.

River Enrick
Clear river with a stony bed, a tree branches across to the forest on the other side

It was a very nice walk down to the shore along the “informal” route. The river is full of little fish and we saw a frog swimming across at one point.

Loch Ness and a Mallard
Stony ground with a small duck feeding from the surface. Waves dapple at the shoreline. Background of large hills and forest on the left.

Once we reached the shoreline we were met with a lovely view across the waves. A few people were swimming in the loch and a flock of ducks arrived, with one visiting for some food. Luckily we had some duck food in the bag, so it could get a wee snack.


I knew very little about Guisachan House, aside from it is where Golden Retrievers were bred and the house is in ruin now.

Guisachan House
Large, 3 story, mansion that is derelict. No roof and bare stone. Grass is overgrowing in the foreground. Clear skies above.

Back of Guisachan
Large 3 story mansion, no roof and some walls are fallen in. Chimney stacks nearly as tall as nearby trees. Grass and balsam overgrowing in the grounds in the foreground

Plodda Falls

After a quick visit to Guisachan we dropped by Plodda Falls for a walk to see the waterfall.
It was super busy with a full carpark and lots of people walking along the paths.
Turns had to be taken walking out onto the viewing platforms.

View from the top of the viewing platform
Looking down upon coniferous trees. Spray from the waterfall fills the bottom left corner. Rocky cliff can be seen where the water has carved its own path

View from near the bottom
Spray lands on rocky surface. A tree rises from beside the pool and branches hang from above the frame.

Aside from its busy nature Plodda was lovely to visit. Hopefully we'll get to visit another time with fewer bodies there.