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I've been looking at getting a new watch for a while now. I haven't used one for many years and, recently, have been realising the perils of checking my phone to see the time and the following time spent checking notifications etc., that come from just checking the time.

I had heard about the PineTime from when I was looking at a replacement laptop; the perenially out of stock Pinebook Pro. The watch, as was, was only available as a development unit and recently became available as a wearable watch. I have no development skills, resultantly I am using and writing this as an enthusiast.
The time had come; watch was purchased.

First Impressions

Very nice wee device. I really like the, relative, simplicity of it; heart-rate monitor, step tracker, timer and, most importantly, the time.

That it connects to android device via Gadgetbridge on F-droid is brilliant.

I had set-up Gadgetbridge before the watch arrived, I downloaded the latest firmware prior to arrival too.
The process to install wasn't as easy as I had hoped or expected. I expected to be able to install the firmware from within gadgetbridge, this isn't so.
I found instructions which explain that the firmware has to be 'open with' gadgetbridge. The installation was quick and painless, I 'validated' the firmware to prevent it rolling back.


After installation, swipe right, then press settings, scroll down twice to see 'firmware', press that and then 'validate' will be visible.




I dislike that notifications aren't, currently, removable. They seem to cap at 5 notifications which is grand, but removal would be preferrable. Github discussion


More Information

I will likely write more on this wee watch in the coming weeks. If anyone has questions, feel free to write (via Masto)and I think comments are enabled now, via Discuss...

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