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Wee trip to Inverewe Gardens

We took an impromptu trip to visit NTS Inverewe Gardens on the west coast.

I cannot recommend visiting there enough. We've visited a few times and every time the flora are magnificent. Depending on what time of year you'll see different plants in flower or fruit.

I couldn't help but take some photos to share with folk.

Lupins in the walled garden.
 On the left: lupins, red through to purple, peak their flowers like spires above their leaves. On the right: the floor is covered with pine needle mulch, some seedling poking through. A large brick wall with a tree growing up it in the background.

Art piece
Tall conical slate structure on the left with succulent plants spaced regularly around the base. Their colour changes from bright green to dull green/blue to deep red. A gravel path leads from bottom right to middle. Background is greenery.
The walled garden was incredible. So many varieties of plants and flowers. The colours of the plants in flower were lovely and I'm looking forward to heading back later on to see what else is blooming.

Inverewe House.
A large, rectangular, white house with steeply slanted slate roof and chimneys book-ending the building. Large green lawn curves across the left of the image and a fine gravel path leads to the house. Tall trees in full leaf surround the building and garden. The sky is overcast.
Inverewe House was closed to visitors for our visit this time. We've previously had a look around, it's a gorgeous building inside, looking and sounding like it would have around a hundred years ago.

Large rhododendron with papery red bark.
a think branch of a rhody leans toward the screen. The branch is a smooth, dark, red. Its bark appears papery and some has been removed.

Rhododendron behind a white-flowered bush.
A rhododendron leans across the fine-gravel path behind a bush with ghostly flowers that hang rice-paper like in the breeze. The background has a tall tree.

White flowers close-up.
The white flowers pepper the bush, hanging along branches like bats with their wings hanging loose.

Yellow flowered rhody, these smelled similar to marijuana. Bright flowers cluster at the end of the rhody branches, forming a gate along the path. Further along the path is another rhody with vibrant red flowers. The background and canopy is filled with trees and foliage giving a jungle feel.

Looking out over the bay to Poll IĆ¹.
Pine branch thick with needles shades an image of a calm bay looking across to a heathered hill with the village drawing itself above the shore. Dark clouds overhead.

Old tyre and lobster creel
An old tyre and a lobster creel sit on the rocky outcrop overlooking a calm bay. Tree leaves shadow from the top of the photo.

Close-up of a flower
A close up photo of a white flower with long curved anthers. A single petal at 12 O'clock has a deep purple colouration like air-blown paint. Slender waxy leaves radiate from beneath the flower.

Cut-peat path
Large blocks of cut peat, shaped like a seat with a short back, line the right of the path. On the other side of the path are ferns and flowers lit with sunlight.

Sea of bloom.
A large collection of bushes on the left, cloud-like and festooned with flowers of all varieties from pink to red to yellow to orange. The smell of weed was back from the yellow flowers. Path walks along the right of the image turning off-screen.

The variety of flowers in the extended garden was incredible. So many rhododrendra were in bloom. Azaleas too, though I didn't get many photos of them. The trees grow tall in to the sky, leaving an airy yet enclosed ground area to walk around in. Their variety, too, is great and some with fascinating colouration and textures.

A coconut scented view out across to An t-Eilean Sgitheanach from Gairloch
A gorse bush (Ulex europaeus) abundant with bright, little, flowers giving a coconut smell, sits in the left of the image. Water stretches across to the horizon, Isle of Skye pops its head above the horizon.
We stopped for a wander through Gairloch on our way home for a walk along the shore.

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