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Week three of Veganuary

Making quick progress through #veganuary, forgotten just how far we're through January (now 25th).
Time got away from me, so I didn't do as good a job recording dinners at all.

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Day 16 Soup

Lentil, Parsip and coconut. Not to any particular recipe, just vegetables thrown into a pan and souped. It was blended smooth at the end. It was very tasty!

Day 17 Vegan Tuna Pasta Bake

This recipe arrived via the veganuary daily email.
This meal was delicious and didn't take too long to make either. I very much got the flavour of tuna from the nori, though I don't think I made the flakes small enough.

Day 18 Pumpkin and spinach tikka masala

We used the Sharwoods sauce again for this. Very tasty it was and would recommend that for folk trying to get 90% of the taste with much less effort.

Day 19 Beyond Meat burgers.

We tried these as we saw them on a heavy discount in the shop. Their full price is quite expensive.
They definitely don't live up to their name. I suppose, in a way, they succeed in tasting like the cheap flavour-less beef burgers that people buy en masse for barbeques.
Won't be buying them again. Much prefer the bean or veggie burgers. I'm not sure this is a good path for the vegan world to take.

Day 20 Celeriac Steaks

from Pritchard's Dirty Vegan, page 133.
With speckled lentils, instead of puy lentils and walnut and garlic pesto.
Pan-fried kale to serve.
Wicked Kitchen Strawberry Cheesecakes for pudding.

Celeriac steaks were wonderful. Forget every time we have them how tasty they are.

Day 21 Plant Chef's...

Cranberry and 'Not-pork' Wellington with french fries. For pudding it was Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Sundaes.

Day 22 Red Lentil, Mushroom and Millet Stew (with changes)

Veganuary's [Medium Calorie Meal Plan](), Day 6.
We swapped out the mushrooms for red pepper and the millet for quinoa, as we didn't the required ingredients.
It tasted very good regardless.