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The END for Pixelated Windows? 2022 August 28 07:10

I am aware that what ive did wasnt maybe the best idea, let me explain this. nobody knows where the idea from Pixelated Windows came from, except one person, a good old friend of mine. he maybe dosent even remember it omegalul... one thing to know about those #PW is that this is a community built project issued by me, some basic research can lead you to where i have this idea. basicly, Pixelated Windows was not supposed to switch chain by i would lies if i told you that i didnt wanted to have multiple chain to get together as a community, including “XRP”. lets talk later about the XRP community,

PWv1 dropped in april 2022 witch lead to a good success with only 46 follower at the peak in june. we have gone trought more than 11k SGB total volume. i did start automaticly invest my time into building PWv2 because PWv1 wasnt what i wanted. the metadata is broken and my knowledge what meh back then and even today its mid meh...

PWv2 was finished by the end of june 2022 and i cant wait to show you all the work i did, even if by the time...

I learn solana to realise how broken metaplex is and how boring it is to use this. i have take time for myself.

then K4TZ came out on Chia, i am still proud of it, i learn something new ahead of a lot of person in the cryptospace . Druid came out on Chia, this collection is probaly the biggest move we ever made as it was so long to build it in a short amount of time, almost called this a speedrun from guys that dont speak english and dont even know how to code. this is a wonderful collection and one thing i wanted to do with those was to get all GIF background but generative is too hard to learn, probably javascript dont even know... 1 week to build all the Druid witch is a staggered collection of 2 different NFT and then coming up with the Druid (2/2) on Chia, but may not happen even if the collection is ready...
Hey Girls! on Chia came out too, INSANE collection, take so much time to upload because each NFT are up to 5gb per PNG, theres is way to build a whole metaverse (game) with all the NFT related to this collection but now we are at 21 AI girls generated and i
dont think this collection will be finised anytime soon related to not enough content for the generative AI. that dosent mean its not gonna be finished one day.

thank you @0xChunk on twitter for all your help for the Chia community.

i built something that wasnt supposed to be built. something i do for so long like filming myself over years when singing to just understand why i do wrong you know and the idea came. i couldnt stop myself of building because its adictive, i love being better everyday and works on keep getting better. but i realise how dangerous was my move here with AlbumCoverByPW. i decided to rewind my move by removing all the song because i dont want to face 66 legal issue over here. i just think its sad that the world we are living are full of laws to stop people from creating up to fine and jail when their expressing their emotion and how real they are, none of what ive did was fake. take me over 1.5 years to build ALBM only for a week... ill keep all video for myself and the art build by @GhostFriend is still available to see on the collection.

over 4 month i build 7 NFT collection and i think this is time for me to end the 2022 chapter. i never tought for a second i would of built 7 collection for real, this is insane and i thanks everybody to have made Pixelated Windows over 650 follower on twitter. this is unbelivable more than i ever expected. do i feel more happy today, nah i dont think so... i never wanted to end this and i dont want to end this, but sometime its your turn to take time off. i dont know when ill be back, i need to ressouces on myself. the bearish market turn to an end in the upcoming month/years or two.
some people knows it is now time to put more efforts on the technical analysis of the market sentiment right now than never and this is what ive been doing over all the years ive been in crypto. some people can hate XRP, but i will never gave up, when you learn something that your are confortable with, you stick with it. i am down 20% since ATH, i dont know if im in the top 10% i dont know shit, but i do know i have to concentrate on myself. i will never give up, i hope every single one of you stay safe and dont give up because at some point youll get it, even if you dont get it hundred time in a row, at some point youll get it.

i never wanted people to buy NFT i hate to see people buying NFT thousand of $ just remember this. all NFT i created are airdropped and free and this is what made PW beautiful.

Pixelated Windows v2 will mark the end of 2022 all related airdropped issued by Ev4Nou4.

i love yall and i hope you enjoyed your stay. see you into the NFEUniverse.