22 November 2021

i would pay real money for a news service that allows me to select topics and people which i never want to see any articles about or photographs of.

so, let's see

1. paul mccartney
2. banksy
3. adele
4. any president of the usa past or present
5. scott morrison
6. anything bad that has happened to children or animals
7. bono

and so on.

the list would take time to compile of course but even waking up in the morning just knowing that i would not see any stories about paul mccartney in my feed that day, that alone would improve my quality of life significantly.

also the service would use artificial intelligence (...) to ask me questions like, ok so you don't want to see stories about or photographs of scott morrison – maybe you also don't want to see stories about or photographs of tony abbott? and i would be like omg yes! no! i do not want ever to see stories about or photographs of tony abbott. thank you. here, take some more of my money.

Please go into Settings > Advanced > Database management and clear your cache.

Is this the new ‘Have you tried restarting your device?’

the times in my life when i would have said 'i am happy' were the times when i was able to most successfully perform happiness and/or hide my unhappiness most effectively.