23 November 2021

A secularized doctrine of original sin, a chastened self-regard, doesn’t entail consigning ourselves to the flames. There is much to affirm in our damaged selves and in our damaged lives, even a sort of dignity and beauty we share in our imperfect awareness of our own imperfection, and our halting attempts to face it, and ourselves.

Crispin Sartwell

yeah but no, the problem is the so-called self. this is the greatest sleight of hand in the history and culture of human beings. still, no-one is intelligent enough to be able to see their own stupidity so you need some kind of narrative ha ha.

In 1993, Sophie Calle told the art historian Bice Curiger that everything in “The Hotel” was completely true. That is, except for one room, which she admitted was completely fake: “I took an empty room and I filled it with what I would have wished to find.” This casts the entire project in a new light, sending the reader back to the beginning of the book, this time to try to find the fiction.


i knew it.

I ask her for her very best sex tip (“I would say the confidence you have in the bedroom should be the same confidence you find within yourself when you’re masturbating”).


kill me now.