24 November 2021

vpro anno 2021 : “always playing it safe.”

nee. zeg dat het niet waar is. three of the most unrelenting self-promotors in the world are to be given three hours each on dutch tv over the christmas break to indulge their self-serving wankery while janine abbring blows smoke up their arses, all paid for from the public purse! of all the people in the world you could choose from, is this the best you could do, VPRO!? time to resign my membership!

bal gehakt!


ok so i made it to the 21st year of the 21st century and installed sortify spotify. i always avoided it because i want to learn about music more randomly or via other humans but i was talking to this old anarchist who runs an unusual recordshop. it is only open one afternoon a week and the records are sold at cost price and also there is a whole enormous shelf of records that are free. i was ranting to him about the evils of algorithms and spotify and he stroked his beard and said, ah well actually i've discovered some great new music through spotify and i was like, et tu brutus! but yeah ok.

but i am not paying for it!

and lo the first thing i discover is this CRAZY live version of roadrunner by jonathan richman. it goes off!

ha ha i've written so much shit in this so-called life, i've even written shit about shit.