The Galactic Liberation Squad

More years than I care to think about, at the height of the UK small press comics boom of the 1990s, I self published one issue of a fanzine called Algol. Back then I had plans for doing more, but for one reason or another it wasn’t to be and so the continuing adventures of the Galactic Liberation Squad never got off the ground. Fortunately I had the foresight of presenting the final episode as the first and so there is an element of closure at least.

I wrote the script and the artwork was done by a young artist by the name of Paul M. I never met Paul, but was very pleased with his interpretion of my characters. I hope he went on to many better scripts than mine.

So, finally after more than two decades, from the pages of Algol, I once again present the first and only outing of the The Galactic Liberation Squad.