Finding me, the other me

There are as many multiverses in this universe as there are universes in this multiverse. There is a story buried somewhere in that, a story my alternative self may well have written. He may well have even got it published, just in time for the whole multiverse craze to have long since faded out of fashion.

I’ve always wondered what that particular version of me would be getting up to. The version of me that never gave up dashing to the newsagents to get the next copy of Interzone, Asimov and whatever speculative fiction magazine I could get my hands on. That young and naive version of me that couldn’t understand why the local petrol station never stocked such fine publications.

So I'm going to go meet him.

I'll start by exploring the stories that he’ll have already read. Then that will lead to me connecting with the people he’ll already know, go to places, both imagery and real, that he regularly frequents. I'm not sure if I'll ever find him, but I'll have fun trying.

What follows is the chronicles of this quest, I hope I've chosen the right multiverse.

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