The Forest of Silently Falling Trees

“In interspace, nobody can hear you commit?”

He asks tentatively in the forest of the silently falling trees.

I will read 389 short stories. All have been nominated or have won the prestigious Hugo short fiction award. The crème de la crème of speculative short fiction from the 1940s onwards.

I will endeavour to take a deep dive into the subjects and themes and craft of each story. I'll jump down the rabbit hole. Recording my adventures in a quality podcast that will rival, well it won’t rival anything because short fiction doesn't get enough love.

Big goals require baby steps.

Hay, over here, I’m committing to things (insert image of me waving frantically in my corner of the vast interspace). I say while doing my best to hide in plain sigh.

Like anyone was taking the time to look anyways.

Is there anybody out there?


Good, then let’s begin.

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