— Sun and Moon

In the celestial dance of day and night,
Two cosmic lovers waltz in eternal delight.
The radiant Sun, a blazing ball of gold,
And the silvery Moon, tranquil and bold.

The Sun, a fiery beacon of warmth and light,
Bringing life and joy, banishing the night.
With rays that kiss the earth, colors come alive,
Painting the skies as the new day will arrive.

Yet as the Sun retreats, making way for rest,
The Moon emerges, her touch, a gentle caress.
She weaves a tapestry of stars in the night,
Guiding lost souls to find their inner light.

With the glow of the Moon, dreams start to unfold,
Secrets whispered to her, stories yet untold.
She bathes the world in a luminescent hue,
Awakening the soul, revealing what is true.

Though opposite they seem, in harmony they reside,
The Sun and Moon, united, side by side.
For they share a sacred bond, forever entwined,
Balancing the universe, a cosmic design.

So as you gaze upon the Sun's fiery embrace,
And the Moon's serene glow, lighting up space,
Remember their mystical love, ever so bright,
And let their poetic dance ignite your own inner light.