I won't get deep into the details because I'm not big on ranting, but it is worthy to relay that the day started at 5 in the morning with plans to arrive at our final destination at 3:00pm, which actually would've been 5:00pm our time so all in all a 12-hour ordeal. But no, we only made it by midnight so more like 2:00am our time, and did so missing our checked luggage.

Because I'm not at a point where I can take a week-long trip away from work right now, I decided to bring my work with me; namely a handful of penciled comix-essay pages I've been working on for an exhibition catalogue, and those pages being 11”x17” and kept safely in a sturdy portfolio of larger size, didn't quite fit in my carry-on and so into the checked luggage they went (and I sweeear I felt something bad was destined to happen right then and there).

So yes here I am all super prepped with my special portable Da Vinci kolinsky sable brushes, my Saiboku Aya Ink Stick, my porcelain ink stone, in addition to an assortment of fountain pens acquired specifically for inking on the move, but without the pages all said tools were supposed to be used on, pages that are at least a week's worth of work onto themselves.

I stare at all these tools and silently eat all the words I might've ever said against working digitally.

Keeping my fingers crossed that lost luggage may be found and returned before the end of our trip, because otherwise I'ma have to pencil aaall those pages all over again, and there's nothing I hate more in this world than backtracking.

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