Life's journey as an average person turned #giantslayer

This is my life's Journey how an average person was only ever above average at two things. first how I gave up everything for one thing, Then gave up that one thing for everything. second the power to manipulate people and move them into positions around me that would only benefit me when I needed to. Please don't criticize the things I have done. I am not asking anyone to believe this story I don't need people's validation, this is my journey and mine alone. There will be things that are hard to write and things hard to read. I have made a choice to become the man GOD has intended me to be, not the man the DEVIL has tempted me to be. I do believe GOD has placed angles in my path some I thought were angels but later in life I was reminded that even SATAN was Gods favorite Angel at one point. Some of these people were true angels and helped me to become a #giantslayer. There is some good along this journey I think I have always tried at different points to be the change I want to see. In the end the one thing always won. Once I begin my story I will do past and present. I feel its important to write how when I slayed my giant my life changed in ways I could never imagine.