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rooting in the dream garden

the rooting garden is a dream of mine. i have been working on the idea for years and years in notes on my phones, in daydreams, in speaking it aloud to manifest. the dream is big: a collective or co-op of people wanting to create something large to help themselves, and others.

the rooting garden will start as an online hub. hopefully, this blog, a resource garden of helpful (hopefully organized) links, a fediverse server, a chat server, as well as a place for streaming. eventually, a shop, to help creators showcase and sell their work.

the streams would be games, art, workshops, or just talking. the blog would be for long-form posts and topics, similar to streams, but for the written word. official rooting garden postings (votes, code of conduct, etc.) would also come from the blog.

topics covered would be anything that could be thought of, anything of interest to those within the garden walls, what people might need to hear or learn (trans voices, Black voices, disabled voices, etc.), or just to show joy still in the world, and build some community. both members from within the garden walls and those who are not members could run workshops, and be compensated for their work.

after a lot of work, and likely many years, to create and maintain this online space: i would want to (slowly, carefully) turn it into a physical space. a large plot of land where an actual garden, some animals, and people could live, grow, and work together. the rooting garden members would both learn about caring for the land, and help others to learn as well.

workshop spaces for makers; a large general purpose room or building to rent out for topic workshops, movement workshops, a market, cooking classes, fundraising events, group work, or host garden to table dinner parties to raise funds; safe and affordable housing, for those in need, hopefully multiple houses.

the dream is big, it’s the only way i know how to dream. i hope that a team will join me in this creation, but for now it is just me and my dreams, slowly making their way into this reality.