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A new day, some new experiments

Still trying to find some ways of posting photos on these blog posts. The native Write.as way is to use Snap.as, their own photo hosting app.

I also tried embedding pictures from Google Photos, but I can't make this work. If you enter the link to a picture in Google Photos, it is clickable, but won't embed the picture.

Snap.as has an annoying bug of rotating photos in portrait mode and rendering them as if they were in landscape mode. The workaround I discovered was to use CSS and a rotate command.


jerm and ship


<img class="rotateimg270" src="https://i.snap.as/0YOEjU5.jpg" alt="jerm and ship" />

Though as we saw, it rotates the image.

In fact, even if I take a selfie in landscape, it turns it upside down


But you can rotate it with the rotateimg CSS class
<img class="rotateimg180" src="https://i.snap.as/E8DdV06.jpg" alt="selfie" />

I even have to remember to hold my phone the right way up for a landscape selfie! and it's not the way I intuitively do always. viz. the controls must be on the left.

It's a glitchy kind of thing that is being discussed in the Write.as forum. Maybe they'll find a way of correcting it, sometime.