Enchanted by God; searching for a re-enchanted Christianity

An old blog in search of a new home

I started my first blog a long time ago. So long ago that I've forgotten exactly when, probably very early in the 21st century.

Its very earliest format was simply an HTML file on my website, which I updated and re-uploaded every time there was a new post: it was more of an online daily journal than anything.

Then I started using Blogger, — which apparently still exists. But I wanted more: my own domain name and more bells and whistles. So I changed to Wordpress: a paid option.

But it's become increasingly complex and feels 'bloated', and some of the features that used to be included in the Basic package, you can now only access from the more expensive Business package. I don't need all that stuff, but I'd like some of it.

Scott Nesbit quotes John O’Nolan, founder of the blogging platform Ghost, as saying that WordPress had:

too much stuff everywhere, too much clutter, too many (so many) options getting in the way of what I really want to do: publish content.

So, I'm exploring Write.as. Let's see how it goes.