Enchanted by God; searching for a re-enchanted Christianity


It's been a long time, more than a year, since I published anything on the Web. I feel guilty about this, because

  1. It means I have been failing to take advantage of an outlet for my creativity, and Creativity is Good. We should all try to be as creative as we can.

  2. Having the results of your 'creativity' hosted on write.as costs $72 a year, and with the pound so weak against the dollar, that works out more than last year, when I paid for a year’s subscription that I effectively never used.

  3. I feel bad about my readers (assuming I even have any) waiting impatiently and longingly to read my next published thoughts, and suffering only disappointment week after week.

Why, then, the silence of more than a year?

Reader, I have been going on a Spiritual Journey. And it’s a journey I haven’t understood, or been able to see the end of, or even known whether there is an end and a destination. The prophet Wittgenstein said, “Whereof one cannot speak thereof one must be silent.” When did that ever stop anyone? And yet I don’t know how, or whether, I like to write about it until I can see more of where the Way leads.