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When we went to New Zealand

This is another post chiefly to experiment with including images in my posts. In January 2018 we had one of those 'holiday of a lifetime' experiences when we travelled to New Zealand for three weeks.

On the way we stopped over in Singapore for 24 hours. It was Alison's brthday, and the hotel brought her up a little birthday cake, and the waiter sang Happy Birthday for her.

This picture was taken in portrait mode, so when it was uploaded to snap.as, it was turned on its side.

Using the code <img class=rotateimg270 src="https://i.snap.as/hibkC6s.jpg" /> I can turn it the right way round...



But it overlaps the content above and below unless I insert a line of &nbsp; around it.

On the other hand, a picture like this one, in landscape orientation, renders perfectly:

Alison in Singapore, January 2018

snap.as obviously has a preference for landscape oriented images!