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How to be a global citizen

I remember the day I got my long-term residency permit in Czechia and I was thrilled. A residency permit is not just a permit, it also means freedom. With this permit, I can travel to almost all European countries without any problem. And I remember the first time I traveled to other European countries from Czechia, I strongly hope that I could get a chance to show my residency permit. But unfortunately, the whole Schengen areas are borderless. People don’t have to show their passports or residency permits to cross the border. I was still happy though.

It has been five months since I left China. And I gradually began to ponder what is and how to be a global citizen. When I was in China, the first thing that made me feel like a global citizen was learning English. I breathed in English every day. I read a lot of American novels, watched a lot of Netflix series, and even developed some skills and hobbies by watching Youtube videos. The barrier to understanding other cultures automatically vanished because of my English ability. But it was just the first step.

Mind is also important. Sadly, many Chinese developed a narrow mindset mainly due to their surroundings. But it’s not a thing for me. Let’s skip it.

Currently, what bothers me most is my citizenship and bank cards. Holding a Chinese passport is like holding an adventure. It means no rights, fewer opportunities, and sometimes danger. For example, if you say something negative about the Chinese government, you or your parents would be in danger even if you are not in China.

Besides passports, I need more bank cards to make sure the security of my money. If you only open bank cards in China, then your money is not yours. Definitely, I didn’t choose to deposit my money in China’s banks. But I need mooooooore.

What I am saying is, being a global citizen is not just a spiritual thing, it also demands attention to physical parts. Passports, residency, bank cards, crypto, and so much more…This is what I am exploring right now.