Hi! I'm a software engineer working remotely from Brazil.

I work at IDT as a Lead DevOps Engineer, improving the reliability and efficiency levels of the infrastructure to deliver financial services.

My interests include Systems Engineering, Technical Leadership, and Software Automation.

I like to spend time with my lovely wife and our cats in my free time. I'm also a professionally unvictorious tennis player.

You can reach me by [email](mailto:gtirloni@tight-ship.net) or {{}}mastodon{{}}.

The name for this website comes from:

**run a tight ship**, idiom:
1. To manage an organization, operation, or team with efficiency, discipline, and strict adherence to rules.
2. To ensure timely and effective completion of tasks with optimal use of resources.
Origin: Possibly derived from naval terminology referring to a well-maintained and efficiently operated ship.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.