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The Wave

I dreamed I was on a stage
trying to yell a tsunami down
with every word dipped in fire
like whistling harpoons from my mouth

Please let me be right for once
like a diving falcon

Let my words be enough to sway you
without an orchestra and pixels
and assuring introductions
about their importance

Let me strike that magic in you
like a four chord pop song

Do not lose to the wave
sweeping you up in ecstasies
of words and colors
and plastic pleasures

Water tingling with electric addiction
but it is not new

Just think of those people
covered in dung and
holding a book for the first time
walking in front of a horse with their noses in words

Glued to thoughts and unreality
but I do not believe that

If what is unreal can make me feel
like getting slapped by a black hole
then I cannot say it is unreal
Solipsism is bullshit

Get off the surface of the wave
which grew from all our splashing

Dive below your practical currents
until you reach the bedrock of your soul
get your emotions under your fingernails
and dig and dig and dig

I will be waiting for you to tunnel
and join me on the stage

Where the salt-wind from the great wave burns your face
and you must write your own lines
but where you can be yourself
and know yourself

better than the wave


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