In this content stream, I'll be jotting down short reading extracts as personal notes. Some of these could be considered as quotations as they are frequently found elsewhere on the internet. But others will be merely quaint extracts, some of which may be even unique on the internet. I realize that is a bold claim which I'll support when applicable by showing the search result on the verbatim significant portion of the text string.

Taking an extract out of context sometimes requires a small editing of the phrase, e.g. leaving out a connector or replacing a demonstrative pronoun. I'll take that liberty by adding the label 'edited'.

At other times, reading inspires tangential thoughts that would be unfair to attribute to the writer. I’ll take responsibility for those, while making relevant attributions. Most ideas are not new but many connections are.

The web is replete with unreliable quotes. Quote Investigator does excellent work but can only do so much. Where available, I'll provide reference information.

Finally, context is everything. Taking extracts out of context can trigger erroneous ideas. So I may accompany extracts with some musings. On the other hand, the value of timeless works of literature and philosophy is that they can be taken in many directions, and there should be room for some ambiguity and new interpretations.

Voilà, this should be enough to get started. From past experiences, content streams evolve, so let me revisit this page to follow this natural evolution of this stream.

  1. Nov 26, 2022: created
  2. Nov 27, 2022: minor editorial update