Hit Subscribe Digest, July '23

Enov8's IT & Test Environment Manager

Enov8's IT & Test Environment Management offers a solution to the difficulties and of managing test environments. Anyone working in IT environment management should check it out.

High Performance Images: 2023 Guide

Web performance is essential for a good user experience, and images are often the biggest culprit for slow loading times. This guide from Request Metrics provides a comprehensive overview of how to optimize your images for high performance, including website profiling and using the right image formats.

How to Use Slack for Scheduling Messages, Meetings, and More

Looking for ways to boost your Slack productivity and collaboration? Check out this Wrangle article on how to use Slack to schedule messages, meetings, and more.

Tricentis for Jira Testing

Tricentis's Jira Testing tool offers a convenient way to manage quality control and test suites directly within Jira. It appears to be a valuable asset for teams seeking streamlined testing processes and improved collaboration between development and quality assurance. Consider exploring this tool if you're looking to enhance your testing workflows within the Jira ecosystem.

Get started with the Terraform Kubernetes provider

The Architect.io tutorial offers an excellent introduction to using the Kubernetes provider with Terraform. It covers everything from setting up a Kubernetes cluster to launching a straightforward application. This tutorial is an excellent place to start if you're new to Kubernetes or Terraform or if you're searching for a solution to automate your Kubernetes deployments.