Hit Subscribe Digest, May '23

As part of the R&D side of our work with clients, we’re (we being Hit Subcribe) exploring new publishing platforms and media to help them understand where to distribute content, and how. One of the main things that we like to do as part of this effort is to publish digest content.

So our inaugural post here, to kick the tires and get the lay of the land, will be a simple digest. We’ll likely keep going with these, as well as other syndication and original pieces of content as we get a feel for the platform.

So without further ado, the digest.

Continuous Deployment

It seems like with each passing year, we have more and more tools at our disposal to rapidly roll all kinds of stuff to production. If that's of interest, give this guide to continuous deployment a look.

SRE Best Practices

I am nothing approaching an expert (or even competent) with SRE. So I can enjoy a post that makes it sort of digestible for me, as this one about SRE best practices does.

Client-Side Observability

We're doing a lot of work lately with RequestMetrics in a variety of ways. So I read this recent post about client-side observability data with interest.


Tricentis's VERA offering is a solution aimed at quality assurance in the context of compliance. It provides specialized services to ensure that software and systems meet the necessary regulatory requirements and standards.

Slack Ticketing and Savings

If you're not familiar, Wrangle is a tool that lets you implement ticketing systems and workflows right from within Slack, where you're probably already collaborating anyway. This is a post about the value proposition of that idea, explaining how slack ticketing can save you money.

ServiceNow Test Automation

If you're using ServiceNow or a similar tool for automation, testing can become quite a challenging task. In such cases, it's worth exploring Tricentis's ServiceNow test automation capability to simplify your testing process and overcome the associated difficulties.

Are Software Engineers Happy?

Over on our community site, Make Me a Programmer, we take on a lot of questions that people considering a career as a programmer might ask. One of those questions is the rather existential question of whether software engineers are happy in their careers. (Spoiler: yes, it’s a good line of work).

Salesforce Test Automation

When it comes to testing automations in Salesforce, especially beyond Apex, it can be a slog. However, Tricentis Salesforce test automation provides a solution that enables thorough testing coverage for your Salesforce environment. Years and years ago when I was doing automation work around Salesforce, I would have loved something like this.