some will say ghosts are the scariest thing in the world. but for me, to that question, my answer would be my father.

my core memory recorded him as one of the most despised creatures on earth. I even despised his voice. one day, I dunno what I was doing, but that day he looked me deep in the eye asking me to shut up. that was scary, I shivered. the other day he was shouting cause I was not obeying his order, spanking my butt, I was crying wolf. the other day he was angry, shouting at me cause I was not starting my bath. He was angry, shouting, yelling, all the things I despised.

the other day, I was enjoying my time in my room, out of nowhere he asked me to vote. I was not aware who is the one I supposed to choose, so my answer was like “ok ill consider it later” then out of a blue he shouted, yelling as if he was possessed telling me he won't pay the tuition blah blah blah only I know the one that he will suggest me to choose one of my relative, FFS.

recently, he wanted to go somewhere, so I asked”where are you going?” his answer was inaudible so I was like asking “what” about two times. he answered “go to work, are u even deaf?” angrily. At that very moment, I wanted to erase his existence from this world. the answer brought me into, say darkness, sadness I couldn't describe.

shit FFS I remembered those bad moments while writing this. I hate u Lad. those good deeds of you would be instantly erased if u dare to shout, yelling at me without any exact reason. damn, I really hate being yelled at, when it happens, it would ruin my day. this condition would apply to anyone that shouting at me.