Someone has just unfollowed and deleted me from her following lists. I knew it because whenever I upload a story, she is the one I'm paying attention to. It might be a trivial matter for some, but not for me.

It makes me questioning myself what did I do wrong to her. Am I bad person or something?

One time when I was junior high school, an anonymous friend wrote “you scoundrel” and honestly that made me overthinking the whole day. It felt like I had enemy or foe. I don't like to be so called villain in someone point of view. That writing “you scoundrel” sticked to my brain all day.
“I have to settle this matter.” I thought of myself.

Only to find that my male friend wrote that, it was a joke he said it, he was laughing.

In the end, I have just to let go. Not making such illogical assumption.