Director of Unspecified Services

Domain Consolidation

I've been feeling a need to simplify things and I've decided that one of those things is domain names. My days of hoarding domain names, just because, are drawing to a close. I don't want the hassle of managing zones and I don't need the fees.

To that end, I'm working toward moving everything to subdomains of

I've already moved my wiki from to I considered and may still use that instead.

Next up is Not sure if I'll use for that or not, yet.

There are several others to move, and I'll be sure to leave permanent redirects up and running at least until the domains expire. That should give Google time to catch up.

The domains I'm not sure about are the hosted services. This blog, for example. Currently, I'm thinking I'll leave them where they are, without custom domains. That makes things simpler. I lose the opportunity to “own” the URLs but, as we all know, I'm prone to breaking links. Not my greatest feature, but it's proven true.

The idea is to have as few moving parts and dependencies as is reasonable.