Maybe I'll write here more often :)

Modus Operandi

This isn't polished — it's not supposed to be.

Here, I'm recording things on my mind that I find (at least somewhat) interesting.

This is the only common theme to this blog: I won't follow a particular 'beat', though my writings will probably skew tech-focused.

My posts here will not be as polished as they could be. Sometimes it'll seem like I didn't bother to proof them — I probably didn't. That's the point.

The point of this is to write, and to write more, without pressure; to record and crystalize my thoughts. The posts I wrote today were written during History and Spanish classes. :)

I am also working on a sort of “favorites” page, where I'll log my favorite blogs, books, podcasts, movies, shows, etc.

Writing this way — in the distraction-free editor — does for blogging what Anchor did for podcasting: it removes the friction.

I might update this page with more information as I finish more posts. Read Why? for more about the impetus behind this blog.

If you find anything I discuss interesting or have any questions, please write to me.

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