A trip down forest paths

The Second Intro

In one sense this isn't a blog. I have no interest in trying to monetize it. Then again I’m old so perhaps old school makes sense. OG enough that I really don’t even think of this as a blog with chronologically organized entries but more of a hypertext document where the links between ideas is at least as important as the time stamp. Note; I am at least a little bit with the times and will be attempting to use tags in addition to hyperlinks. The purpose is to think about ideas, how they connect, and ultimately perhaps to cement some of these ideas in my brain by thinking about them repetitively as I edit entries and as I make connections between things. The method of loci crossed with a sort of personal constructivist learning..

At time I will use a forest full of walking paths as metaphor will be expanded on in future posts but it resonates with me in many ways. The way in Taoism, the stage of vanaprastha, the benefits of being in nature, and even the surreal logic of IF games where you might be in a forest path only to take one move and find something completely different. Or, since this blog has a second identity as the journal of a persona, the wanderings of a fictional creation in a fictional but lived world.

In a purely practical sense I feel that I should mention that links are never an endorsement of specific sites as authoratative. I include links because I do not want to leave people with only my imperfect explanation or lack of one but I also realize that no one link can adequately explain so concepts especially those from cultures that are not my own.

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