good morning good morning good morning. i've heard if you say good morning three times in the mirror 'good morning mary' appears and offers you your first good morning in years. it hasn't happened to me yet but i'm sure she's coming soon. xx it's 9:53 a.m. and i just ate two pieces of toast that i smeared with crunchy peanut butter and then made a cup of coffee that i ruined with creamer that tastes like the icing from cinnabon. i bought that stuff to drink straight from the carton but i can't be someone who drinks straight creamer (or can i?) so i have to put it in my coffee. xx it's winter. it wasn't winter a month ago but now it's definitely winter. that means laying around in my long johns and trying to figure out which hallmark/lifetime christmas movie i need to put on to dull the monotony of frigid air and snow-swept horizons. xx i have emails to send today and boy do i love emails. dear [blank]. hey [blank]! i want to work! look at my portfolio! please don't think i'm a hack! you know, the usual. and if you're reading this after reading one of my emails i truly do enjoy sending out email after email it's really fun.