The personal journal of author and photographer Jason Pettus

A new start to old-fashioned posting.

In which I resurrect my blog for the 23rd year in a row, and go back to a '90s style of shorter posts about more specific subjects

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Back for a 23rd year! I first started my journal in 1998 on the ancient service Geocities, and it's existed in one form or another for over two decades since. I have a space set up for a brand-new personal website, over at, and I finally hope to get that set up and running later this summer and into this autumn; and at that point I plan on taking all 23 years of my journal archives and finally getting them imported into one central database, including all the old creative work I wrote in the '90s while being part of the poetry slam community.

Before that happens, though, I thought I'd get into a habit of posting regularly again, since I have this blog here at and all to do so. And, I've made the decision to go back to the kind of posting all of us were doing in the late '90s when blogs first became popular, which was shorter pieces that sometimes are no more than three or four paragraphs, thrown up onto the webpage multiple times a day whenever the mood strikes me, or at least once a day which is the rhythm I hope to get into this summer.

What will I post about? Well...

Okay, so that's it for now. I'll be announcing new journal entries over at my Twitter account, for those who are over there too; or you can follow my main blog index page here at in your favorite news/feed reader. I look forward to joining you all a lot more often again.