Things I want to share, open to opinions and feedback

I recently entered a new chapter of my life with big changes and a whole new set of struggles.
The positives currently outweigh the negatives however, the positives are beginning to become less positive as time goes on and situations develop; making it harder for me to feel comfortable every day.

I find myself at a standstill most days, personally, like I've suddenly forgot myself... the things I used to be certain of, I'm now less certain of. This wouldn't be such a struggle for me if there wasn't so much pressure from every angle of my life to have my sh*t together.

I'm learning as I get older (I just had a birthday) that there are parts of me I didn't know about until now, I accept that this is part of growing and I welcome it.

Wondering if anyone else has struggled with this and how they learned/are learning to manage it to be able to function every day.