Trying this blog thing again

I've deliberately tried to stay low profile for the past few years. After giving the Irish Goodbye to social networks, I vanished my blog and just tried to be an invisible on the internet. The few times I did poke my head up, I unintentionally stirred things up and regretted it.

But with Twitter's demise, I've moved over to Mastodon and I've rediscovered the joys of talking to people online. So I thought a place I could write longer pieces, also federated via, would make sense.

My intention with this blog is to explain, from my perspective, what I think is going on with the world in general and Apple in particular. I see again and again people jumping to conclusions and causing a fuss about things that if they really slowed down and paid attention, they'd realize weren't really problems in the first place. (In particular, I've dropped a lot of podcasts recently after hearing the hosts hold forth with great certainty about things they are provably wrong about.)

Basically, things aren't usually as bad as you think, and certainly not as bad as the media makes them out to be. I'm going to point those things out from time to time.