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Following the book « Test Driven Development by Example » with Guile

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I love Test Driven Development. You might already know it if you are following my journey. Kent Beck wrote the book in 2002. He has chosen to provide examples using Java and Python in an Object Oriented way.

Now, I want to use the Guile programming language to follow the examples in the book and see how things are different !

Guile has Object Oriented capabilities, thanks to its GOOPS module. But here I would like to have a better feeling about the differences between Object Oriented and Functional paradigms.

Guile is not a pure functioral language. However, I will try to avoid non pure features of the language (like mutations).

I will focus on the Part 2, the one where Kent is writing a small version of xUnit.

P.S : Thank you Kent for your work and energy. It has made my dev journey a lot much more enjoyable !

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