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Send an SMS with Guile and Twilio API

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These last days, I tried to send an SMS with a Guile script.
TL;DR: I succeeded!

Since the code is just a simple HTTP POST request, the longest part should have been the creation of the Twilio account (with a Regulatory Bundle and a phone number).

But in the end, it took me about one evening[1] to set up a development environment with the right dependencies, and then two more evenings to figure out which HTTP headers were needed.

Anyway, here is the script:

(use-modules (web client)
             (web http)
             (ice-9 receive)
             (ice-9 iconv)
             (gcrypt base64))

(define TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID "your-account-sid")
(define TWILIO_ACCOUNT_TOKEN "your-account-token")
(define TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER "your-twilio-phone-number")

    (simple-format #f "~A:~A" TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID TWILIO_ACCOUNT_TOKEN) "utf-8"))

(define RECIPIENT_PHONE_NUMBER "a-phone-number")
(define TEXT_MESSAGE "Wish you so much happyness !")

 #:headers `((content-type . (application/x-www-form-urlencoded (charset . "utf-8"))
             (authorization . (basic . ,TWILIO_CREDENTIALS)))
 #:body (simple-format #f "Body=~A&To=~A&From=~A"

And how to execute it :

$ guix shell guile gnutls guile-gcrypt -- guile my-first-app.scm

All phone numbers must start with the country indicator. For example +33 for a French number.

[1] the time unit of my Guile tinkering

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