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My Very Serious Book Promotion

This morning I created three modules of A+ content on the #Kindle store. The modules are to enhance the product listing page for my book, Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve.

I'm launching an #Amazon Ads campaign to promote the book, and the Amazon Ads people recommend adding A+ content in order to boost the campaign's chances of success.

I don't know what I'm doing with these modules, but I'm getting better at doing it :) Who knows where they will display or show up, and under what circumstances? Not me. Amazon suggests that seven days may be needed for them to review the modules before they can be applied to my book. Sigh.

The last module I did is the best, I think. It features the full colour illustration from the front cover, with headlines above and below followed by a brief teaser.

Meanwhile, Amazon Ads have written to say that the ad campaign itself is eligible to be served on Amazon. But what does that mean? I'm about to go back into the system and try to understand.

A little bit later ...

I've found my way into Campaign Management, and my ad campaign is running. 134 impressions so far, no clicks, no sales. But we're up and running :)

I am so not a #marketing person :)


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