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They're Drilling Beneath My Window

The place I live in borders a car park and two buildings slated for redevelopment as yet another pile of home units. Two piles, in fact, because they're spreading them across two buildings.

When I say borders, I mean they touch. Physically.

This morning began with a noise of machinery and associated clanking, and right outside my window a drill shaft was rising slowly, pausing, and descending again. They've done this before, but way out in the middle of the car park. This time they're about as close as they can get. The drill makes a constant sound, so it's not as #frustrating as the #pointless, stop-start whine of a leaf-blower, but it is loud.

And once they start, they stay all day.

The original plan for this new wonder block was to build it right up against my wall. It would have blocked my only windows, but they proposed a single light well that would allow one window a distant glimpse of the sky, if only the window could lift its head. True developer-creativity in action.

I don't know why they keep #drilling deep, deep below the surface, but we're right on sea-level here, and I keep hoping they'll be driven away by sea-water gushing from the top of their rig and flooding their site. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm not giving up.

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