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Working Out Tags on Write.as

I want to figure out how #tags work here, because they seem to be powerful little guys. Apologies if this post uses some tags gratuitously – it must seem like such a #pointless thing to do, and is #frustrating for readers, I'm sure.

I just don't have a lot of posts yet, because I'm learning about this blog, its possibilities, and where it can fit in alongside my #website, which already has its own very different style of blog. So I'm #abusing the few tags I've used thus far. I'll stop there for now. But I'm #NotGivingUp. I'll be back.

And I'm back :)

Tags are powerful, all right. Actually, did I read somewhere that tags should be all #lowercase? In which case, I'm #notgivingup.

Anyway, I wondered how to find the #rss feed address for a tag, and found Matt's reply to that very question in the forums:

Regarding RSS feeds for tags

RSS readers will automatically detect it if you give them the URL of this page (it’s included in the page’s metadata). But to manually get to the feed, you’ll just add /feed/ to the URL

Here's a frustrating RSS feed: https://write.as/johnarthurnichol/tag:frustrating/feed/

Tags as eBooks

If you have the #epub #addon, readers can #download, as an #ebook, a collection of your posts that share a tag. You just add .epub to the url of the tag page and that's the download link.

Here's a pointless epub to download: https://write.as/johnarthurnichol/tag:pointless.epub

Readers can download your whole blog as an epub, too. My blog makes for a very short ebook indeed, but you can download it anyway by clicking this link: https://write.as/johnarthurnichol/.epub.

Again, My Apologies

You know this stuff already. I know you know it. It's really for my own benefit that I'm putting the details here. I always, always forget #howto do things and, invariably, by the time I realise I've forgotten how to do something, I've also forgotten where I put the #instructions on how to do that something.

Now I just have to select the #howto tag in my own blog. I hope I'll #rememberthis ...

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